7 Effective Job Searching Strategies

Everyone wants to grab that perfect job which makes them happy and pays favorably for a comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately, as with most things in the world, getting the perfect job is not an easy task. To put it simply, the process of getting “the dream job” is a job in itself.

The main factor making job hunting a difficult proposition, is without doubt, competition. With several people vying for the same post, companies take their sweet time choosing the best of the best to fill the vacant post. The present job market is not the best, with rampant job cuts and downturns. With that said, it is imperative to know ways to make you, the potential job seeker, stand out from the crowd. Today, we will discuss ways and strategies for searching for the best job for yourself. If you are struggling to land a position or even get something more specific to your goals we hope this gives some insight. If you want to skip the process and let us do the work for you, please view our packages and place an order. Here are our tips:

1. Standing out from the crowd

As mentioned earlier, in the highly competitive world job market, you absolutely need to make sure that your job portfolio is nothing short of spectacular. This is the first and most obvious way one can stand out, your application package should leave the recruiter curious and eager to follow up with you. Using a targeted resume, for starters, will let the recruiter know that you are serious for that job and make your chances a lot stronger. A targeted cover letter will make for a overall positive impression allowing for a more personal look into who you are as a candidate and even your thoughts on the company you could be joining. The cover letter is a good opportunity to tip the scale in your favor, further depicting what makes you unique and well versed.  Following up with a thank you note after the interview process will help present you as unique. Other ways to stand out is following up in person or even cold calling your potential employer or a recruiter. Researching companies and organizations in your field and getting in contact with some within that selection, yes, even without a listing, will help you stand out. Doing this can often connect you to an opening depending on how you communicate your inquires. Don’t stand out in a bad way! It is advised to practice for any potential interview, going in confident will allow you to be engaging and show further why hiring you would be a wise decision.

2.  Using Targeted Resumes

A resume is, without a doubt, the most important document in the recruitment process. It can be a deal maker to land you a job, or it can be a deal breaker and present you as ineligible for the job. Hence, it’s imperative to have a resume that shows you off as the ideal candidate. An ideal resume needs to be targeted towards the position that you are applying for, with specific keywords. This will increase the potential of your name comes up during a recruiters search for employees. A cover letter rounds up the package well showing professionalism and care.

3. Searching for the job you want

At times during the job searching process people often apply to several job offers, many of which they are not applicable for or on the other hand do not really want to do. This results in a waste of time and energy for both the recruiter and the individual. One must know exactly what kind of job they want to apply to. Being clear on the job you want makes it much easier to use the correct keywords in your application materials, while searching on job websites or even social networks to get the most suitable options. Quality and quantity will really increase the chances of getting your resume gets in the right places.

4. Ranking well on the internet

Employers use the power of the internet too! In order to ensure that the candidates they select are reputable and have a clean record a background check is usually done to an extent and a simple internet search is one of the quickest methods. Hence, making sure you have a good reputation on the internet for most professions is a must. Creating up to date profiles on popular professional networking sites like LinkedIn with proper descriptions and details about your qualifications and experiences is ideal. Search engines such as Bing and Google usually return search results from these sites, so a detailed profile definitely helps to boost your rankings. Endorsement from other qualified professionals can really help  turn the job tide in your favor.

5. Using references and contacts

Even though the internet has helped a lot to make the job searching process easier, networking is still the most dominant way people get employed. Therefore, it is very important to keep in touch with everyone who knows about the job market you are in. They can help you with your job search to a degree and maybe even speak to someone with an offer on your behalf. Networking can also lead you to different groups or companies looking for employees you may not have considered in a whole it can simply give you an almost unfair advantage! Networking can be done online too, make sure to join groups relevant to your profession for job offers as well as further connections. If you are engaging and make it known what you are working towards your contacts are bound to remember you if something comes up.

6.Using reliable websites

The internet is full of websites promising a lot of jobs, but not all websites are what they claim to be. Recruiters do not have the time to look through every website for resumes and candidates, so they usually choose renowned and reliable websites to find a suitable employee for their company. Hence, posting your resume on a reliable website makes sure that your resume is considered by a potential employer and thereby increasing your chances of getting a suitable employment. Some professionally accredited sites include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed among others.

7.Making your profile visible

Making your profile visible ensures that you can get a better exposure as a candidate. Doing so also allows for potential employers searching for candidates to find you easily. In your profile be sure to state that you are presently looking for work. The earlier your profile gets seen by an employer, the better your chances becomes of getting the job. This point is usually ignored by a lot of job seekers, but this is a factor that can be another avenue to getting employment in your field.

As always, we wish you all the best and hope you get a job you love!