Our Writing Services Include:
  • Resume Writing/Rewriting
  • Cover Letter Writing/Rewriting

Cover Letter Writing

A recruiter is more likely to look through your application if it includes a cover letter. Our cover letter writing is very specific to your situation. Below is some of what we can offer you in a cover letter. Our expert writer will provide you with a few questions to aid in the process upon ordering and providing your existing cover letter.

Cover letter written towards your specific profession or in response to a job opening.

Company promotional letters: A one page letter written to approach a company to sell your service or product.

General letter written to approach a company for a position without a specific job posting.

Questions provided specific to you upon analysis of your initial information.

Professionally written.

Provision of editable file.

Fast turnaround. On average between 2-4 days.

Up to 3 drafts.

Privacy guaranteed.